WESTMINSTER ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS LTD is a dedicated company of sourcing and supplying of quality electrical products for over 36 years.

After 25 years of wholesaling in Greater London, we have opened our Second branch in Welwyn Garden City in 2012 expanding our operational capability and increasing our economies of scale so that we can serve the people who matter most to us – our customers.

Still a family owned business, we pride ourselves on excelling the expectations of our customers by delivering an outstanding service and quality products at unbeatable price, time and time again. Since 2008 we are part of the Independent Buying Group ( IBA ) that has added an impetus to our buying strength at privileged price from reputed manufacturers – the saving of which we are passing to our customers with unbeatable pricing of well known electrical brands including MK Honeywell, Wylex , Schnieder, Hager and more.

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